Santa Monica Dreaming

#HeyFrancis | After discovering I had the power to "Time-Lapse" lol, I've been on a tear.  Last Tuesday afternoon I headed out to Santa Monica, CA an spent a fair amount of time capturing and composing some really fun shots. Here's my latest project: "Santa Monica Dreaming", which is composed of over 1,440 photos processed and exported using Adobe Lightroom, and then rendered using Adobe Photoshop.  

All photos were taken at various settings using the Canon 5D Mark III, 16-35mm f/2.8L Mark II Lens, AmazonBasics 52" Carbon-Fiber Tripod, and NEWEER Timer Remote for Canon.  What I've learned from this project is that you should always weigh down your tripod with a weight; it'll greatly reduce how the tripod shakes depending on it's foundation and lead to some really smooth and steady shoot for your time lapse.

Thanks for following the journey!  For more, check out my Instagram @heymikefranics